Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Marty's JAE 21GT

As promised here are some more pictures of my 21GT build, and as I think you can see it's nearly ready for the water. All the hardware is fitted, and the Hitec servos, Proton receiver and Lynx radio are all in and working. Just a few little jobs to finish, like drilling the sponson tubes and putting the finishing touches to the painted sponsons, but I'm hoping that we'll be having a test day soon.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Marty's new 3.5cc Hydro

With the iMBRA World Championships taking place in Egletons. France, I thought that I'd build a new rigger for the event. After some research, and asking some respected racers, I opted for the JAE 21GT from Zippkits. It was great service, as always, and I've really enjoyed the simple build. It's not quite finished, but as you can see there's not a lot more to do.

I've got to thank Ian at Ian's Boats for his time and skill in making the tank, and as you can see it's a perfect fit and has an internal hopper for optimal fuel flow. So if you are planning on build one yourselves, give him a call as he already has the measurements.