Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Marty wins the 3.5cc Hydro World Championship

Well it definitely wasn't expected considering the amazing international racers from all over the world, and we all saw how good the American boats were, but it feels good saying I'm a World Champion.

It was a proper team effort getting there, with pit man duties falling to Andrew B. in the heats, and my bro in the final, and I couldn't have done it without them.

The result was made even better with fellow Brit, Keith B coming in second place, especially as he's been giving all of LMRacing help and support for so many years in getting our boats running.

Just click the links below for where to get the same setup I used.

I was using my full carbon version of Niklas Edlund's KEPS T2 running a Novarossi T21-7M, with O'Donnell turbo glow plug, pulling an Andy Brown prepared 1445 prop. Controlling it was my Hitec Lynx 4S and Proton receiver with GPS, Hitec HS 8775MG rudder servo, Hitec HS 5070MH on throttle and mixture duties, all powered by a Vapex LiFe 1000mah pack

A special thank you has to go to iMBRA France for organising such an amazing event that was one of best world championships of all time!!!

See you all in Italy in 2020,



Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Jekyll

Creating this boat has been such a pleasure, challenge, pain in the...well you get the idea, but this is the output, the Jekyll. Designed to an exacting standard and with one thing in mind, has resulted  in something that is unique, and can only be achieved with modern engineering techniques. Will it be good as the doctor intended, or is it going to be more of Mr. Hyde. We'll soon see at the iMBRA World Championships.


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Marty's StingR 45 Hydro

After a manic few weeks I've finally been able to get some boats wet this year, including my new StingR 45. I'm still getting it dialled in, as you can tell from the video, but its at a good level now with plenty more to come.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Marty's JAE 21GT

As promised here are some more pictures of my 21GT build, and as I think you can see it's nearly ready for the water. All the hardware is fitted, and the Hitec servos, Proton receiver and Lynx radio are all in and working. Just a few little jobs to finish, like drilling the sponson tubes and putting the finishing touches to the painted sponsons, but I'm hoping that we'll be having a test day soon.