Thursday, 30 October 2014

Circuit Racing National Finals 2014

Eventually I've managed to get some time to put up a few photo's from the Nationals quite a few weeks ago (Hopefully Phill will get some of his pictures up as well). It was a great event,  as per usual, made even better by the fact that I manage to win the 3.5cc Hydro class with 4 wins out of 4- 1600pts. The boat was finally going how it should have done in Germany at the worlds, thanks to some re-engineering of the turn fin sponson to give it some more strength, and trying an Andy Brown CMDi prop.

I'm looking forward to next year all ready.


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hannover 3.5cc Winner!

It's a bit late but here is a photo of the winning boat and very happy driver. A perfect weekend and the boat worked great every race!
Hannover is a very long drive for a weekend race but it is well worth it. The facilities are excellent, the lake is perfect and the hospitality is great. A good World Championship venue!

A Huge thanks must go to my mechanic Phill. he done a great job getting me in the water quickly (and without braking my rudder this time!) and kept me awake until the finish!
Now, which races shall we do next year!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hannover 2014

What a great place for a boat race. Really great race lake, probably one of the best out there in fact. Surrounded by trees, so it was nice and calm the whole weekend. It might have helped that the weather was in the low 20c s... There is a very well equipped campsite and hotel on the side of the lake. With a very tasty restaurant. All within walking distance of the pits (with no boats).

Big thanks for a well run event and a bigger congratulations to all of the winners and podium placers.

Enjoy the pics