Elmbridge Model Club

So with the temperature not much higher than freezing and ice cold wind, you would think that it would not be the time to be at the lake...Wrong!
At the Elmbridge Model club rarely does the weather put it's members off from having a nice relaxing day out, having a good chat, laugh with the occasinal boat testing!

The club container is the perfect place to escape the wind and rain. It has now had the kitchen completley fitted, providing warm drinks and sometimes bacon and egg sandwiches thanks to Andy!

The new all-weather landing stage deck has been purchased. It is a composite material with an anti-slip surface, perfect for our use and should do us for a good 15 years or more. 

If you are interested in getting out of the house or goming down to test or play with yourRC boats then why not pop down one Sunday.
If you would like more info on Elmbridge Model Club, visit there website: