AA.21 engine unboxing

This is the Double Ace 3.5cc engine I'll be using in my new KEP's T2 hydro this year. Taking it apart is such a easy task with these engines. The 6 head bolt come out, then 4 from the backplate. The make sure the pistons at the top and the backplate slides out. The Piston sleeve is next and the rod and piston head come out nicely with a little jiggle.

It's a lovely little engine. Nice detailing and machining. Multiple ports on the liner make the big 15cc I run look very antiquated. It's got a 16.44mm bore and 16.48mm stoke and it's timed for hydro racing. The carb has a 8.5mm venturi and needs a 3rd channel remote needle.

I'm going to use a CMDi Brown 21s pipe with it that should be a perfect combo. Can't wait to get the boat and on the water. 

For more information and prices check out the official Double Ace Racing website here or contact the European agent, Ready To Win Models here