Sunny Brentwood!

There was something strange in the skies over Brentwood yesterday, a bright round object that was giving off a lot of light...and even heat. It even managed to put smiles on faces all round!

For me it was a test session to make sure the boat was ready for next weekend. First run was with my number 2 engine, and for once it was going well and nothing broke. Then in the afternoon the number 1 engine came out of hibernation, and performed like a number 1 engine should. I was even able to play around with props and the pipe during the race and set some consistent quick laps...0.4 quicker than most of the 15cc.

I do now have to do some trimming work as it did get a little torque sensitive with a bit less fuel, but I can't wait to run now in Stuttgart.

A big thanks as always to the people that make the events run and those that helped out in the rescue etc, and of course to the winners on the day.