New T5Evo : The secret's out!

There's a new 15cc hull on the block, the Prestwich Model Boats T5Evo. And i'm lucky enough to have one of the first out of the mould.

My straight-drive T6 has been good to me (as was my T4 and my original Tornado), so i've decided to try a Holger gearbox in the new stepped T5Evo. And what better place to building a FSR-V boat than the kitchen table! It's been an interesting place to cut/drill/dremel and i'm sure the neighbours are loving the noise...

I'm a couple of months into the building process now and aiming to get it finished in the next few weeks. Testing reports from Mr Marles have his clocked at over 90kph and i'm keen to see what mine can do.

So here's the first part of the build and stay tuned for the next update.


Click here for a video of Dave's prototype T5Evo testing.

And click here to buy one!

Click for T5Evo build part 2

Click for T5Evo build part 3

Click for T5Evo build part 4